Pilates Gifts Guide

Christmas is just around the corner so if you haven't already got your gifts together for your Pilates passionate loved ones or are all out of ideas, hopefully this list of Pilates gifts will give you a helping hand. In this list we cover everything a Pilates lover might need from equipment to clothing to a whole retreat dedicated to Pilates. 

What is Pilates?

If you are looking to buy the perfect Pilates gift for a family member or friend, it might be a good idea to know what exactly Pilates is first. So, what is Pilates? It is a form of exercise that is classed as low impact and involves a range of movements that flow into each other. The reason why many people get hooked on Pilates is because it gives your body such increased movement, control and it helps to strengthen parts of the body that have become weakened through injury, age and under use. Pilates has a range of benefits which include:

  • Better balance
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Improved strength
  • Enhanced mood 
  • Stress relief

Pilates Gifts

Pilates mat

First on our list of Pilates gifts is a Pilates mat. Whether your loved one likes to attend a Pilates studio for their sessions or is happy to do their workout at home, a mat is a great gift for any lover of Pilates. The reason why this gift is so great is because it's suitable for all ability levels and is a key piece of equipment that helps to protect the back by creating a layer between the body and the floor. There are a range of mat options available to suit all budgets and they can come in a variety of colours and patterns allowing you to make the gift more tailored to suit the preferences of your friend or family member. A pilates mat is generally 10-15mm thick so unlike a yoga mat, it is cushioned and protects the spine in so many of the exercises, particularly the ones that include rolling. 

Pilates socks

Next on our list of Pilates gifts for anyone who takes part in Pilates is Pilates socks. You may be wondering why special socks are needed for this form of exercise. The reason why Pilates socks are useful is because they can help you to stay in Pilates positions for longer and support you in your transition from one movement to another without slipping. This helps prevent falls, what makes these socks different is that they usually have silicone grip pads on the bottom to improve grip. Have a look on Amazon or Pilates-Mad. 

Workout gear

Another great gift for any fitness enthusiast is workout gear, this is because anyone who regularly works out will love a new set of workout clothes to wear. With Pilates it is important to get the right kind of workout gear to ensure that the movements can still be done safely and without any restriction. Generally speaking, the top and bottoms should be fitted and not loose or baggy, some examples of good Pilates workout gear include slim fitting tops and gym leggings. If you have no idea what workout gear to buy for your Pilates lover friend, it might be a good idea to consider buying a gift card at leading sportswear retailers Sweaty Betty, Varley, lululemon. 

Pilates bag

If you are unsure of what clothes size your loved one might wear or what equipment they might have, a safer option might be a Pilates bag. This gift is practical but thoughtful as it gives them somewhere to store and carry their equipment and clothing, combining style with functionality. Again, Sweaty Betty, lululemon, Arket or Nike have good options. 

Pilates Retreat

If you think your loved one already has a large range of Pilates equipment or clothing, a completely unique option that they are sure to love is a Pilates retreat. This gives them the opportunity to attend a weekend retreat tailored to their passion for Pilates. Reformer Retreats is the UK’s leading luxury Reformer Pilates retreat.

Included in the weekend break is a 2 or 3 night stay at the stunning boutique partner hotel located on the coast. Meals are provided for during your stay as well as light bites and refreshments throughout. Most importantly there will be a number of mat classes and reformer sessions available to attend led by highly qualified and experienced classical Pilates teachers. The Pilates Retreat is the perfect Pilates gift with the added bonus of luxury. Designed to challenge and inspire attendees whilst allowing them to relax and recharge. As well as the Pilates classes, there will be a range of other activities available to participate in throughout the stay which includes meditation, spa treatments and wellness talks. The backdrop for this weekend is a panoramic view of a beautiful marine lake. To find out more click HERE.