Rikke Larsen

Having taught her own Classical Pilates classes in Manchester and the Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes with the Yoga rooms, it only felt natural to bring it all together and open up her own studio, Loving Pilates in Didsbury.

The studio has become renowned for the Pilates classes, offering Classical Pilates and women’s only classes. Loving Pilates helps busy women feel stronger and more connected with weekly, fun and energising classes.

Rikke came into Pilates after realising its importance in both rehabilitation and for strengthening, to feel more mind-body connected. She has worked through the reminiscence of a stroke. She is focused on making classes for women, ensuring they receive the guidance they need during life with a focus on child rearing, mothering and the menopause years, ensuring they feel they work to their best ability, creating the right challenge. 

Having three children herself, she understands the struggles for women trying to exercise when juggling a busy life.