Pilates For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common for a lot of people, there are many different causes of lower back pain. Causes can include anything from mild muscle or ligament strain, to over use and ageing. Research shows that Pilates could be useful for anyone who has lower back pain, Pilates can help to decrease any aches and pains. Pilates for lower back pain is used to help strengthen any muscles and focuses on your powerhouse (core). It can also help with symptoms of menopause. Find out more about the benefits of Pilates here.

A strong core helps maintain your balance, maintains awkward movement and prevents unwanted strains. They also allow your body to transfer force through your muscles instead of your spine which also significantly helps to reduce back pain. 

Benefits of Pilates for lower back pain 

Pilates for your lower back pain can help to reduce any back pain you may suffer with. This is because Pilates is a great way to improve your posture, balance and spine alignment, helping you to fix any poor movement patterns, resulting in less lower back pain. Remember these kinds of improvements don’t just happen straight away, they have to be maintained over a long period of time. 

Why a real teacher is better than a YouTube or online instructor

If you perform any  exercises incorrectly you could end up worsening your back pain. This is why it is much more beneficial and safer to attend a Pilates studio or have live training from a Pilates teacher who can correct your form. If you use Online or YouTube videos, you risk completing the exercises incorrectly. What’s more, you may end up doing exercises that are not right for you, a Pilates teacher will be able to tailor movements to best suit your needs. 

There is also the risk of possibly overdoing it during your exercises, keeping your progress gradual can help reduce this risk. More advanced exercise may put too much strain on your back, which is why we recommend getting an expert Pilates teacher who can advise you. 

Reformer Retreats 

Pilates For Lower Back Pain

If you really want to improve your back pain, our Pilates retreat is the perfect place to do so. Reformer Retreats offer luxury UK based weekend retreats dedicated to improving your physical and mental wellbeing. The weekends combine a specially selected mix of activities designed to help attendees relax, unwind and switch off. As well as small Pilates sessions, you are invited to attend Pilates 1-2-1’s with leading classical Pilates teachers, have a back massage or spa treatment and participate in meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. All of these activities are an excellent way to reduce your back pain and to improve your wellness.  

Other tips for taking part in Pilates for lower back pain 

Here are some other tips that we recommend you take into consideration when participating in Pilates for lower back pain: 

  • As well as taking part in Pilates exercises, incorporate good posture and core stability into your daily life. 
  • Your office chair or car seat can also affect your posture and balanced movement in your body. 
  • Do not start Pilates on your own, it is better to participate in classes. Make sure that you are receiving regular assessments, along with feedback from your instructor.
  • If you feel you have any niggling pain, do not carry on with the exercise. This indicates that your muscles are not yet strong enough to do this exercise.
  • Take care of your balance, do not get up too quickly, this could also lead to more pain.